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Quest data
LocationCustoms or Shoreline
Given ByFence
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Leads to:
Requirement for:
Other choices:

Redemption was a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Skier questline exclusive[]

It's nice to know the Skier finally gets it. You're fulfilling his latest whim? That's good. Bring me the phone, and I'll take it from there.

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]

So Peacekeeper's figured out what needs to be done. He sent you? I hope he paid you well. Give me the laptop and we'll part amicably.


Skier questline exclusive[]

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]


Skier questline exclusive[]

That's it, the phone goes to the right person. Skier can be happy to be fucked off.

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]

That's great. Tell Peacekeeper he's forgiven but not forgotten.

Failure Rewards[]

Failure Dialogue[]

Skier questline exclusive[]

I heard the customer got the phone directly. Don't expect that to happen again. I don't like being made a fool of. In any case, I do have something for you.

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]

Decided to hand over the laptop without a middleman? Cunning, aren't you? And cocky. I'm not gonna let that happen again. In any case, I do have something for you.


Skier questline[]

The phone can be found on the roof of the 3-story dorms on Customs. There are multiple spawns.

  • Peacekeeper questline[]

    The laptop can be found on the roof of the health resort east wing on Shoreline. There are multiple spawns.

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