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Safe Container
General data
TypeLoot Container

Weapon Locker with Safe

Safe is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.


A 3x3 grid loot container that spawns currency, valuables and info items. The small safes on top of blue weapon lockers share the same loot table as the big black ones.


The first USEC cottage safe and second USEC cottage safe on Lighthouse don't work like normal safes. Their loot distribution can differ from this list.

Loot Table[]

Item Type
Roubles Money
Euros Money
Dollars Money
GP coin Valuables
Diary Info items
Chainlet Valuables
Slim diary Info items
Horse figurine Valuables
SAS drive Info items
Secure Flash drive Info items
Tech manual Info items
Cat figurine Valuables
Topographic survey maps Info items
Intelligence folder Info items
Golden neck chain Valuables
SSD drive Info items
Veritas guitar pick Valuables
Secure magnetic tape cassette Info items
Roler Submariner gold wrist watch Valuables
Gold skull ring Valuables
Raven figurine Valuables
Golden egg Valuables
Silver Badge Valuables
Axel parrot figurine Valuables
Battered antique book Valuables
Antique teapot Valuables
Golden rooster figurine Valuables
Wooden clock Valuables
Antique vase Valuables
Bronze lion figurine Valuables
Military flash drive Info items
BakeEzy cook book Info items
Video cassette with the Cyborg Killer movie Info items
Chain with Prokill medallion Valuables
Physical Bitcoin Valuables