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Sanitar Portrait.png
General data
Full nameUnknown
Additional data
Spawn chance10%

Sanitar is a Boss in Escape from Tarkov.


Sanitar and his followers have different health values to PMCs and Scavs.

Sanitar's Health Stats Follower's Health Stats
Health Sanitar.png Head: 70

Thorax: 360

Stomach: 140

Arms: 120 each

Legs: 230 each

Total: 1270

Health Sanitar Follower.png Head: 55

Thorax: 200

Stomach: 180

Arms: 140 each

Legs: 170 each

Total: 1055

Instead of the typical 4x single slot pockets, he has 5 double slot bringing their total space to 10 slots

Sanitar can be told apart from other scavs and guards by his special features such as his blue jacket and surgical gloves.


Sanitar can be found on the Shoreline location. He appears in the wings of the health resort as well as the admin building in resort, at the port/pier area and near the cottages.

Sanitar Map.png


When engaged in combat, he will fight alongside his fellow scavs and guards, but may often break away to heal or inject himself. He has plenty of meds, so a prolonged engagement is possible.

When Sanitar is not engaged in a target, at least one of his guards can always be seen near him while the other is either also nearby or scouting the immediate surroundings. If Sanitar is present at the cottages him and his guards can be seen moving throughout the area including roaming to the blue fenced construction area. When Sanitar and his guards are roaming or in an idle state, Sanitar can often be seen dropping medical items on the floor everywhere he goes. The items he drops includes anything in his bag such as surgery kits or even Vodka. The dropped items are presumably for friendly player or AI Scavs.


Following Sanitar are two well-armed and armored guards. Their gear varies but often have class 5-rated armor and helmets, and carry plenty of grenades. Sanitar may also choose to surround himself with other scavs, who will linger near him and fight for him if needed.


When contact is made with Sanitar and his guards, the player should attempt to kill them without giving them the chance to break-off and heal. As all the guards are heavily armored, have several means of healing themselves, can carry several injectors, damage made by the players may be negated quickly by the guards. As with other Bosses, they carry several grenades and do not shy away from using them, so exercise caution when playing with a group.

While the standard scavs that surround Sanitar are not as dangerous as his guards, they may still pose a threat, sneaking up on players and hitting them in vulnerable locations or distracting the players while Sanitar or his guards flank you. Care should be taken to avoid rushing into a large group of scavs in addition to Sanitar and his men.

If Sanitar spawns in the cottages, they are likely to spawn in the yards and use the bushes as concealment, but will still be able to detect and shoot players through the bushes. As such, players should attempt to close distance as much as possible before getting drawn into an engagement. A frequently observed area of appearance is generally behind the locked cottage, which has the ambulance in the backyard.

In resort, Sanitar usually spawns on the ground floor of either the west or the east wing. Watch out for them camping the hole in the wall entrance of the west wing. When engaged, Sanitar and the guards may choose to rush the player outside, but this happens mainly when you attack him through the two front entrances. The guards were also observed healing outside behind the ground floor of each wing. This seems to happen, when they run away from fights. They may also hide in the open rooms of the ground floor making themselves easy headshot targets from the outside, but use extreme caution as they will shoot back though the windows with superb accuracy. They can be easily spotted if they have a flashlight on the gun, since they generally turn it on while they are inside the resort. Groups of scavs were also observed patrolling Sanitar's general location. They can be particularly dangerous when the player is spotted, since they tend to do a group rush with slide shooting similar to Shturman's guards.


  • Loot

    Note that the primary weapons can have numerous mod variations and those shown below are examples.

    Follower Loot

    Icon Helmet Faceshield Armor Class
    Link=EmerCom cap EMERCOM cap - Helmet 0
    Link=SSSh-94 "SFERA-S" helmet SSSh-94 "SFERA-S" helmet - Helmet - 3
    AltynHelmetIcon.png Altyn Altynfshieldicon.png
    "Altyn" face shield
    Helmet - 5
    Faceshield - 5
    LZHZ-2DTMIcon.png BNTI LShZ-2DTM helmet LSHZ Face Shield.PNG
    LShZ-2DTM face shield
    Helmet - 4
    Faceshield - 4
    ZSH-1-2M Icon.gif ZSh-1-2M Zshfaceshieldicon.png
    ZSh-1-2M face shield
    Helmet - 4
    Faceshield - 3
    ACHHC Icon.gif HighCom Striker ACHHC IIIA helmet - Helmet - 4


    • Sanitar (Russian: Санитар) translates as Orderly in English, which is a healthcare assistant for medical staff.
    • Sanitar can be seen dropping medical items to assist nearby scavs.
    • Sanitar despite being Russian can speak small amounts of English especially when engaged with a USEC pmc operative.
    • Most of Sanitar's followers' names are medical professions in Russian
    • Sanitar's followers' names can be:
      • Akusher
      • Anesteziolog
      • Dermatolog
      • Farmacevt
      • Feldsher
      • Fiziolog
      • Glavvrach
      • Gomeopat
      • Hirurg
      • Immunolog
      • Kardiolog
      • Laborant
      • Lasha Ortoped
      • Lor
      • Medbrat
      • Medsestra
      • Nevrolog
      • Okulist
      • Paracetamol
      • Pilyulya
      • Proktolog
      • Propital
      • Psihiatr
      • Psikhiatr
      • Pyotr Planchik
      • Revmatolog
      • Rodion Bubesh
      • Scavvaf
      • Shpric
      • Stomatolog
      • Terapevt
      • Travmatolog
      • Trupovoz
      • Urolog
      • Vaha Geroy
      • Venerolog
      • Zaveduyuschiy
      • Zhgut