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Sanitary Standards - Part 2
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Given ByTherapist
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Kappa container
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Sanitary Standards - Part 1
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Sanitary Standards - Part 2 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hello. Good that you are here. I have a job just for you since you are already familiar with it. Our engineers have successfully neutralized the chemical leak from the factory, but the water is still not fully purified. Although the only remaining pollutants are specific to petroleum products. We assume that this is connected to the TPP fuel oil storage next to the factory. Know these? It’s hard to miss, there's a big pipe there. Technical rooms of fuel oil storage and furnace facility must be nominally equipped with the same radio- and gas analyzers you found in the factory, if, of course, they weren’t stolen yet. Locate and bring them in and we will solve the water problem in the region, at least for a while.


  • Must be level 8 to start this quest.



It’s delightful to find was a responsible person who is willing to take risks for the common good.


Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in raid Notes
Gas Analyzer Icon.png Gas analyzer 2 Handover item Yes Commonly found throughout Interchange inside of electronics stores and on industrial shelves.
Pumping station back door key Icon.png Pumping station back door key 1 Optional* N/A Unlocks the pumping station back door on Factory where a gas analyzer can spawn.
Pumping station front door key Icon.png Pumping station front door key 1 Optional* N/A Unlocks the pumping station front door on Factory where a gas analyzer can spawn.

*Both keys give you access to the pumping station

Gas analyzers can also be crafted in the Hideout.

The pumping station is located in the hall that leads to the standard extraction. You need to get into it to complete the first objective.

  • While gas analyzers have a chance to spawn in the pumping station on Factory, as suggested by the Therapist, they are much more common to find on the map Interchange. By searching the shelving of all the electronics stores, multiple gas analyzers can be found in a single raid.