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Shturman, a scav boss from the Woods map

Amidst the chaos and lawlessness, scarcity of vital provisions and territories, the first to lift up their heads are shady characters, unembarrassed by excessive moral or ethical restraints or quick to lose them under influence of conditions. They gather into packs, living by dog-eat-dog rules, cutting each other throats over a better piece. This is how yesterday's civilians become Scavs.
~ In game description

Scavengers, also known as its shorter version, Scavs, are a faction in Escape from Tarkov.




At the onset of active hostilities in the city, in addition to the predictable humanitarian consequences, a special trend is observed that represents a threat for both civilians and armed forces of the conflicting parties. Due to the tense situation in the city prior to the open conflict, Tarkov has developed conditions attractive for all kinds of criminals and antisocial personalities. In addition, the development of the underworld business, especially in recent years, has encouraged the formation of a certain population stratum previously not directly associated with criminals, but, due to their moral and ethical inclinations, prone to antisocial actions in certain cases concerned with their own benefit. Thus, at this point, the formation of groups actively engaged in looting, robbery and armed attacks can be observed in Tarkov, invariably coupled with violence against the civilian population and even military staff. Recently, these groups have earned a nickname from the locals - Scavs.

The Scav groups are quite varied, have diverse ethnic, social and quantitative composition, as well as the different levels and quality of equipment and varying degrees of sustainability. By far, three of these groups the are considered to be the most stable and organized.[1]


Scavs are Tarkov locals who decided to walk the path of bandits. Essentially, a Scav is a side character which can deliver you an entirely different gameplay experience. Equipment, weapons, place and time of Scav spawning on location are set randomly. They can be recruited by players via the Hideout.


Lore factions[]

  • "Grizzle" armed group. Real name unknown.[2]
  • B. S. Pashutin (Boris Semyonovich) armed group. (Alias - Fiend)[3]
  • Y. G. Zhilnov (Yaroslav Grigoryevich) group. (Alias: Yarik, Yaga)[4]
  • B. T. Stoporenko group (alias - Lawyer). Does not have an extended description.[1]

Gameplay factions[]

  • Normal scavs (poorly armed; topic of this page)
  • Scav Raiders (medium armed)
  • Bosses and guards (well geared)
  • Cultists (well geared and stealthy)


Scavs are both AI and player controlled characters. All maps begin with Scavs already populating them, and more will arrive in waves throughout the duration of a raid. During one of these spawn waves, player controlled Scavs will join the match. Scavs can spawn with random various pieces of equipment, and even have varying skill levels.

Scav mode[]

Playing as a Scav is like playing the game without rules, one where the players can experience quite different gameplay with a focus on reckless abandon. The Scav player is spawned together with AI Scavs. For example, the player Scav will spawn part-way through a raid in one of several set spawn points. Scav tactics change up the overall style of raid gameplay, and in most cases, complicating the lives of BEAR and USEC players, while also fighting among themselves.

When you just join a raid as a Scav, you are neutral with all AI Scavs. That means they will not shoot or react in any way. However, if you attack a Scav (Does not matter if AI or player) you become a "traitor" and all AI Scavs nearby will become hostile.
Note: You won't become a traitor if you attack or kill a player Scav who attacked you first, or was already marked as a traitor to nearby AI Scavs.

Upgrading the Intelligence center in your Hideout will allow you to reduce the cooldown timer for your Scav mode.

  • Level 1 Intelligence center: Scav cooldown timer -15%
  • Level 3 Intelligence center: Scav cooldown timer additional -20% (-35% in total)

The most important thing about playing as Scav is that if you get killed in the raid, you will not lose anything from your main character's possessions, and if you survive, you can add whatever you looted to your stash. In other words, this is an alternative way to find and save items and to take part in combat, but without the risk of losing everything brought into the Raid.

Your Scav character is levelled up separately from your main PMC character. The levels carry over between raids, even though the names imply different persons. Your Scav-level can't be seen in the statistics if you're off-Raid, but if you are in a Scav-run you can check your level and skills by open the inventory and switch to the tab "Skills".

Karma (Fence standing)[]

As of patch a system was implemented to reward cooperation between player scavs rather than shooting each other on sight. Your current "karma" can be found as Fence trader reputation.

Killing AI Scavs, player Scavs, Bosses and their bodyguards (as a player Scav) will lower your karma dramatically (avoid killing bosses at all costs), while using cooperation extracts (where a PMC and a player Scav need to use the extract at the same time), car extracts (PMC only), killing PMCs, and most importantly killing Scavs who have killed or attacked another Scav (or boss or his bodyguards) unprovoked will increase your karma, and so does simply extracting from a raid. Killing Raiders doesn't carry any punishment.

Players with higher Fence reputation will generally spawn with better gear and more valuable items, such as a TerraGroup Labs access keycard. On the other hand, players with low Fence reputation will spawn with worse equipment and those with -6 Fence reputation or lower will make all AI Scavs violent to them on sight.

Once you reach 6.0 standing with Fence, you'll unlock his LL4 which in turn allows you to buy uninsured gear lost by other players.


  • Generally avoid shooting AI Scavs, as they are useful for early warning against PMCs, do not contain a lot of loot and you'll receive increasing penalty to your Fence standing, but only if you are a player Scav. Maps like Factory are quite friendly to Scav runs, as the local AI Scavs start out friendly.
  • Similarly avoid shooting player Scavs as you will also lose your Fence standing unless they hit (not just shot at) you first.
  • Scav Raiders and Bosses can be aggressive. Either avoid them or kill them, if they hit you first(!).
  • In addition to picking up loose items, go to high traffic areas and look for PMC bodies. Players may leave the bodies behind due to time constraints, injury, or weight, allowing you to take the leftovers of the loot. Also, search for hidden gear, since group players tend to stash their friends' gear for insurance.
  • When you are short on equipment, do Scav runs whenever possible. There is no risk to the player's PMC character or stashed equipment.


Note that the primary weapons can have numerous mod variations and those shown below are examples.

Scavs generally only spawn with one weapon, but they can loot weapons from any bodies they come across.


Icon Name
Yarygin MP-443 Grach icon.png MP-443 "Grach"
P226R icon.png P226R
PB 9x18PM silenced pistol icon2.png PB pistol
APS icon.png APS
PM(t) icon.png PM (t) pistol
PM icon.png PM pistol
TT icon.png TT pistol
Beretta M93 9x19 Pistol.png M9A3
M1911A1 Icon.png M1911A1


Icon Name
MP 153 icon.png MP-153
MR-133 icon 2.png MP-133
Saiga 12ga v10 icon.png Saiga-12
TOZ-106 icon.png TOZ-106

Submachine Guns[]

Icon Name
PP-9 Klin icon.png PP-9 "Klin"
PP-91 Kedr.png PP-91 "Kedr"
Kedr-B icon.png PP-91-01 "Kedr-B"
Saiga-9 icon.png Saiga-9
PPSH-41 Icon.png PPSH-41
STM-9 Base Icon.png STM-9

Assault Rifles[]

Icon Name
ADAR icon.png ADAR 2-15
AK-105 5.45x39 icon.png AK-105
AK-74 icon.png AK-74
AK-74M icon.png AK-74M
AK-74N icon.png AK-74N
AKS-74 Icon.png AKS-74
AKM icon.png AKM
AKMN icon.png AKMN
AKMS 7.62x39 assault rifle icon.png AKMS
AKS-74U icon.png AKS-74U
AKS-74UB icon.png AKS-74UB
AKS-74UN icon.png AKS-74UN
SAGIF.gif SA-58
VPO-209 icon.png Vepr AKM/VPO-209
VPO 136 icon.png Vepr KM/VPO-136

Assault Carbines[]

Icon Name
OP-SKS icon.png OP-SKS
SKS icon.png SKS
VeprHunterIcon.png VPO-101 Vepr Hunter 7.62x51 carbine

Designated marksman rifles[]

Icon Name
SVD-S icon.png SVDS 7.62x54R sniper rifle
VSS icon.png VSS Vintorez 9x39 Special Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifles[]

Icon Name
Mosin icon.png Mosin
M700Icon.png Remington Model 700 .308 bolt-action sniper rifle
SV-98 icon.PNG SV-98
VPO-215 Icon.png VPO-215


  • In Russian, Scavs are known as 'Savages' or 'Wild'.

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