Secure containers

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Secure containers provide a secure space for items that will not be lost upon death. There is no point in insuring them as long as they are equipped in the pouch.

List[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Inner grid Total slots How to obtain
Kappa icon.png Secure container Kappa 3x4 12 Quest completion of Collector
Secure Gamma Container.png Secure container Gamma 3x3 9 Owning the "Edge of Darkness" game edition
Epsilon icon.png Secure container Epsilon 4x2 8 Quest completion of The Punisher - Part 6
Beta icon.png Secure container Beta 3x2 6
  • Owning the "Prepare for Escape" game edition
  • Barter at Peacekeeper LL2
Secure container Alpha Icon.png Secure container Alpha 2x2 4 Owning the standard game edition

Upcoming secure containers[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Inner grid Total slots
Waist pouch Waisticon.png 2x2 4
Secure container Omicron Omicron container.png 3x1 + 3x3 12
Secure containers