Secure containers provide a secure space for items that will not be lost upon death. There is no point in insuring them as long as they are equipped in the pouch.


Icon Name Inner grid Total slots How to obtain
Kappa icon.png
Secure container Kappa 3x4 12 Quest completion of Collector
Secure Gamma Container.png
Secure container Gamma 3x3 9 Owning the "Edge of Darkness" game edition
Epsilon icon.png
Secure container Epsilon 4x2 8 Quest completion of The Punisher - Part 6
Beta icon.png
Secure container Beta 3x2 6
  • Owning the "Prepare for Escape" game edition
  • Barter at Peacekeeper LL2
Secure container Alpha Icon.png
Secure container Alpha 2x2 4 Owning the standard game edition

Upcoming secure containers

Icon Name Inner grid Total slots
Waist pouch 2x2 4
Omicron container.png
Secure container Omicron 3x1 + 3x3 12
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