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Sew it Good - Part 1
Quest data
Given ByRagman
Required for
Kappa container
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Database - Part 2
Leads to:
Sew it Good - Part 2
The Blood of War - Part 2
Other choices:

Sew it Good - Part 1 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hi there homie, I have a solid business proposal for you. Don't you worry, I’m not bullshitting you, it's the real deal. Can’t say what it is right now, but if it starts off good, I’ll be sure to tell you. I need a big backpack, the purple "Pilgrim" one, and a ski hat, you know, with ninja-type slits. Look for them yourself though, no traders, brother. I need to keep this in secret, don't want anyone to find out about our little thing, you know?


  • Must be level 25 to start this quest.



Taken off dead Scavs, I presume? Whatever, that’ll do. Everything is going according to the plan, so come by for the next task later.


Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in raid Notes
ShmaskaIcon.png Ski hat with holes for eyes 1 Handover item Yes
Pilgrim Backpack icon.png Pilgrim tourist backpack 1 Handover item Yes Can be crafted in the Hideout (Lavatory lv. 2).

Note: Any items within will be lost upon being handed in!

The Ski hat with holes for eyes only spawns on Scavs. The Pilgrim tourist backpack also only spawns on Scavs, with the exception of very rarely spawning on the table in the old gas station on the map Customs.

Note: Backpacks will be handed in with everything inside causing those items to be lost. Be sure to empty the bag before handing it in. You can insure the one you want to hand in as it will show up as insured in the quest tab.