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Shootout Picnic
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Shootout Picnic is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Alive and well? Atta boy! Not everyone can boast the same nowadays. You can handle a thing or two since you're standing here alive. That’s good. You have an idea of tactics, so here is the challenge. Do you know the sawmill area in the Woods? Yeah. Some trusted people have matters to attend to in the area, but local scum who, in lack of good sense, think of themselves as masters of the place, keep interfering with them. According to my intel, there are at least 15 of those dickheads. I need you to deal with those morons, the others will run away anyway. The right approach decision should not be a problem for a mercenary like you. To work then, soldier.


  • Must be level 3 to start this quest.



How did it go? Never mind, I know, a huge success. You're here in one piece after all. The interested folks passed a word they've done just fine. So I suppose it's a double bonus this time, one from me, and one from the those folks.


Woods is a wide and open map. To make this quest easier it's recommended that you use a long ranged weapon to take out Scavs. An OP-SKS with a scope or a Mosin 7.62x54R bolt-action rifle (Sniper) are fairly cheap ways to complete this quest. The lumber mill and Scav house, as well as the two villages by the river and the radio tower, will usually be populated with Scavengers. These locations are where you will find most of your kills.

Below is a map with yellow circles indicating where to find Scavs.

Glory4lyfeWoods map v4 marked