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Quest data
Given ByTherapist
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Leads to:
Sanitary Standards - Part 1 Operation Aquarius - Part 1
Other choices:

Shortage is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hello, mercenary. Are you interested in a job, by any chance? Very well. The job is not hard for a gritty man like you, and you won’t get a short end of the stick. I can always provide food and drinks, and, most importantly - qualified medical care, in cases of almost any complexity. And for my loyal clients, who do not mind helping me with my business, I offer preferential terms for goods and services. But it's up to you for the future. If you prove that you’re reliable. In the meantime, here's a simple task - I need to obtain a few emergency medical care kits. They are called Salewas, the red ones. Know these? And as proof that you can get things done, I want you to find them with your own hand, not just buy them off from someone. It's always a pleasure to work with someone you can rely on.



Thank you, young man. Can't say why I need them, but believe me, it's for a good cause.


Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in raid Notes
EFT Salewa-First-Aid-Kit Icon 2.png Salewa first aid kit 3 Handover item Yes Can be crafted in the Hideout (Medstation lv. 1).
This item can be in any condition and still handed in.

The following areas have a reasonable chance to spawn Salewa first aid kits:


  • In the south-eastern part of the storage area, there is a car trunk that spawns medical items. The storage room on the opposite side contains a Medbag.
  • The ambulance in front of the gas station can spawn medical items (and the EMERCOM medical unit key as a bonus).


  • Mantis has several containers and loose spawns (shelves, tables and beds) that can spawn Salewas. Keep in mind that Mantis is one of the hottest areas on the whole map.
  • Emercom contains several spawns, but requires the EMERCOM medical unit key to unlock.
  • The upstairs pharmacy on the opposite side of Techlight as well as the locked storage room (requires power + ULTRA medical storage key). Same as Mantis: Danger zone!
  • There are four ambulances along the western side of the map, which can spawn Salewas in the back.


  • The White Bishop building contains a medical room on the ground floor towards the train tracks.
  • The second floor of the Black Pawn building has a medical section with a Medbag and loose spawns.
  • The forklift near the helicopter in the courtyard has loaded a Medical supply crate.
  • Inside the White King building there is a Medbag in the first room after the stairs outside of the gym with the military tents.


  • The health resort, while being a high traffic area, contains a large amount of Medbags and Medcases.
  • There are two ambulances near the tunnel exfil and one directly outside of the resort.
  • The scav/treasure island (near tunnel exfil, past a beached barge) has a wooden shed that contains two Medbags.