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SilencerCo Hybrid 46 Direct Thread Mount adapter
General data
TypeMuzzle adapter
Weight0.14 kg
Grid size1x1
Sold byPeacekeeper LL2
Mechanic LL2

SilencerCo Hybrid 46 Direct Thread Mount adapter (DT Mount) is a muzzle adapter in Escape from Tarkov.


Direct Thread Mount adapter for installation of Silencerco Hybrid 46 silencer directly onto the barrel threading.


MPX 9x19 10.5 inch barrel
HK 416A5 5.56x45 11 inch barrel
SA-58 7.62x51 11 inch barrel
HK 416A5 5.56x45 14.5 inch barrel
MPX 9x19 14 inch barrel
HK 416A5 5.56x45 16.5 inch barrel with flip-up front sight
SA-58 7.62x51 16 inch barrel
AR-10 7.62x51 18 inch barrel
AR-15 5.56x45 18 inch barrel
HK 416A5 5.56x45 20 inch barrel
Remington M700 7.62x51 20 inch barrel
AR-15 5.56x45 20 inch barrel
Remington M700 7.62x51 20 inch stainless steel barrel
MPX 9x19 203mm barrel
SA-58 7.62x51 21 inch barrel
AR-10 7.62x51 22 inch barrel
M1A 7.62x51 22 inch barrel
AR-15 5.56x45 260mm barrel
MP5 3-lug threaded muzzle protector
AR-15 5.56x45 370mm barrel
MPX 9x19 4.5 inch barrel
MDR 5.56x45 406mm barrel
AR-15 5.56x45 406mm barrel
MPX 9x19 6.5 inch barrel
AK-101 5.56x45 assault rifle
AK-102 5.56x45 assault rifle
AK-103 7.62x39 assault rifle
AK-104 7.62x39 assault rifle
AK-105 5.45x39 assault rifle
AK-74 5.45x39 assault rifle
AK-74M 5.45x39 assault rifle
AK-74N 5.45x39 assault rifle
AKM 7.62x39 assault rifle
AKMN 7.62x39 assault rifle
AKMS 7.62x39 assault rifle
AKMSN 7.62x39 assault rifle
AKS-74 5.45x39 assault rifle
AKS-74N 5.45x39 assault rifle
AK 5.56x45 CNC Warrior muzzle device adapter
AKS-74U 5.45x39 assault rifle
AKS-74UB 5.45x39 assault rifle
AKS-74UN 5.45x39 assault rifle
PM (t) "Makarov" 9x18PM pistol
Saiga-9 9x19 carbine
Mosin 7.62x54R sawn-off 220mm barrel
M1A Smith Enterprise SOCOM 16 7.62x51 threaded muzzle brake & compensator
PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN 9x19 submachine gun
Mosin Tiger Rock thread adapter

Molot VPO-136 Vepr KM 7.62x39 carbine