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Given BySkier
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Kappa container
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Stirrup is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Ah, it's you again. Decided to hang on tight to me then, ye? Bloody awesome. I need to stir up some movement in our region. All sorts of outsiders keep popping up meddling with business, shoot, loot valuables off my guys, whack them indiscriminately. That makes me kinda unhappy, so to say, and it does not fall in line with my business concept. And to make it clear that they're in deep shit, fuck them up with pistols, let them understand that the pros are working. Well, go on and rake them "operators" of yours, and I’ll pay the bounty for each head, and even something extra as a present on top. Times are hard, and you have to make a living here somehow - preferably a good one.


  • Must be level 8 to start this quest.


  • Eliminate 3 PMCs while using pistols


Ah-hah, now that was a stirrup if I ever seen one! I got word from all channels that some devil is at large and grounded quite a bunch of people. You rock, get your reward.


  • It is recommended to do this quest passively, as it can be slowly completed as you progress through others.
  • Factory is a good location to complete this task as there are a high amount of PMCs that spawn there in a very small area, leading to fast, close-quarters fights.
  • Be aware that PMC's will likely equip a Visor on a CQB-Map, which can only be reliably penetrated by SS190 ammo for the Five-Seven, BT gzh ammo for the SR1MP and the 9x19mm AP 6.3 ammo.
  • A reliable alternative would be to prepare an ambush with a pistol shooting RIP ammunition. Hitting 5 shots onto the legs are sure to bring any player down (as it can equip a Stock, a GLOCK 18 might be particularly suited for this play style).
  • Killing teammates does not count towards the quest.