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Stray Dogs
Quest data
LocationCustoms, Woods, Shoreline, Lighthouse
Given ByJaeger
Required for
Kappa container
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Stray Dogs is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Good day to you, soldier. Though could I actually say it's good? As a wise person used to say, people are made to torment each other. When I first read it, I didn't honestly believe it. But now my heart bleeds every time I remember this quote. Some new renegades are terrorizing the city. I've sent a man to negotiate with them, maybe even guide them to the right path, but those savages decapitated him and sent his head back to me, with the letter I wrote for them... They're not locals, all came from USEC. Long renounced from their own people too. They must be hunted down. This is our land. No more peace talks.


  • Must be level 35 to start this quest.



Don't think about your hands getting bloody again, soldier. Think that you have cleared this land of the wicked.


In this quest you have to kill Knight, Big Pipe and Birdeye. They can be found on the following locations:


At the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction) building with the numerous mounted weapons.

  • Woods[]

    At the antenna in the northwest (Scav Bunker Extraction).

  • Shoreline[]

    At the weather station on the hill in the southeast.

  • Lighthouse[]

    At the water treatment plant in the north, and at the blue chalet.

  • Note: According to the patch notes of patch, which introduced the Goon squad, they "do not stay in one location, but wander through them" and "if they are at one location, they will be absent from the others". Despite the patch notes saying this, there have been reports from the community that they have been encountered at the same time, or in a very short time span on different locations.