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Streets of Tarkov
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General data
TypeStory location
Duration50 minutes
Related maps
Ground Zero
leads to:
PMC players12-16
EnemiesScavs, Kaban, Kollontay

Streets of Tarkov is a location in Escape from Tarkov. It is the ninth map that was added to the game.


Downtown Tarkov houses banks, malls, and hotels, as well as all the other amenities a thriving metropolis could have needed.


Stationary weapons in the form of AGS-30 30x29mm automatic grenade launchers and NSV "Utyos" 12.7x108 heavy machine guns.

Be aware of Claymores and Border Snipers!

BTR patrol[]

BTR Streets

BTR appearance

A BTR-82A is traveling between different points in the city. It's neutral to all players, unless a player starts attacking it first, or someone has purchased the "covering fire" service recently. Traitor Scavs are considered hostiles.

It stays for 2 minutes at each stop while on patrol, and honks twice 10 seconds before departure.

The driver offers various services to his up to 4 passengers. Service cost depends on faction, Scav karma, Charisma level and travel distance.

Taxi service[]

Players can travel to any available point in the city in total safety.

Available stops: City Center, Collapsed Crane, Old Scav Checkpoint, Pinewood Hotel, Rodina Cinema, Tram.

  • Covering fire[]

    PMCs can order covering fire with the help of BTR weaponry, which provides the safest possible drop-off at a stop. Only available after purchasing the taxi service.

    If someone purchases this service, the BTR becomes hostile. When the service ends, the BTR becomes neutral to all players again.

    Item extraction[]

    PMCs can send items with the found in raid status to their stash when placing them in the BTR trunk. Items will arrive after 1 hour via the mail system.

    The size of the BTR trunk is influenced by your Scav karma.

    Scav karma Trunk size
    0-0.99 5x2
    1-1.99 6x2
    2-2.99 5x3
    3-3.99 6x3
    4-4.99 5x4
    5-5.99 6x4
    6+ 7x4

    Usable Keys[]


    Name Image Location Notable equipment Followers
    Kaban Kaban Portrait At the LexOs car dealership Kalashnikov PKM 7.62x54R machine gun
    Kalashnikov PKP 7.62x54R infantry machine gun
    RPK-16 5.45x39 light machine gun
    2 personal bodyguards Gus and Basmach
    4 heavily armed and armored guards
    2-3 snipers
    Kollontay Kollontay Portrait At the Klimov shopping mall
    At the ministry of the interior academy
    PR-Taran police baton 4 heavily armed and armored guards


    To locate the extractions use the maps below the table.


    Interactive Map[]

    Can be found on a separate page here.

    Interactive Map Link Streets of Tarkov

    3D Map[]


    2D Map[]


    2D Map[]



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