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Technical supply crate
General data
TypeLoot Container
Grid size5x5

The Technical supply crate is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.


Technical supply crate that contains Industrial and Electronic items

Loot Table[]

Name Type Notes
AA Battery Battery
D Size battery Battery
Car battery Battery
Rechargeable battery Battery
Powerbank Battery
GreenBat lithium battery Battery
6-STEN-140-M military battery Battery Reserve Only
Cyclon accumulator battery Battery
Duct tape Building Materials
Bolts Building Materials
Screw nut Building Materials
A pack of nails Building Materials
Pack of screws Building Materials
Insulating tape Building Materials
Corrugated hose Building Materials
Piece of plexiglas Building Materials
Silicone tube Building Materials
Tube of Poxeram Cold Welding Building Materials
KEKTAPE duct tape Building Materials
Xenomorph sealing foam Building Materials
Shustrilo sealing foam Building Materials
Pressure gauge Building Materials
Analog thermometer Building Materials
Light bulb Electronics
Wires Electronics
Electric motor Electronics
Radiator helix Electronics
Working LCD Electronics
Broken LCD Electronics
Power cord Electronics
Phase control relay Electronics
Spark plug Electronics
Energy-saving lamp Electronics
T-Shaped Plug Electronics
USB Adapter Electronics
Military cable Electronics
Electric drill Electronics
Magnet Electronics
Military circuit board Electronics Reserve Only
Military power filter Electronics Woods, Customs and Reserve Only
Gas analyzer Electronics
Ultraviolet lamp Electronics
Geiger-Muller counter Electronics
Metal fuel tank Fuel
Expeditionary fuel tank Fuel
Crickent lighter Lubricant
Classic matches Lubricant
Hunting matches Lubricant
Zibbo lighter Lubricant
Dry fuel Lubricant
WD-40 100ml. Lubricant
5L propane tank Lubricant
WD-40 400ml Lubricant
Fuel conditioner Lubricant
FireKlean gun lube Lubricant
SurvL Survivor Lighter Lubricant
Ripstop cloth Other
Aramid fiber cloth Other
Polyamide fabric Cordura Other
Fleece cloth Other
Water filter Other
Gas mask air filter Other
FP-100 filter absorber Other
Paracord Other
Flat screwdriver Tool
Pliers Tool
Construction measuring tape Tool
Screwdriver Tool
Wrench Tool
Pliers Elite Tool
Hand drill Tool
Round pliers Tool
Metal cutting scissors Tool
Nippers Tool
Long flat screwdriver Tool
A set of tools Tool
Old firesteel Tool