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Test Drive - Part 1
Quest data
Given ByPrapor
Required for
Kappa container
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Test Drive - Part 1 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Greetings! Here's the deal, I've ordered a bunch of western guns from Mechanic for my clients. Guns are foreign-made, I'm way keener on the Fatherland-made guns, native product is way closer to the old soldier's soul and all. So, the gun is an M1A with a Hybrid 46 silencer and a Trijicon REAP-IR thermal scope, and I need you to give it a hard ride in action. And there's no way you just shoot some Scavs and call it a day, you will have to give it some real deal. I will give you one of these rifles, you watch after it! They cost a fortune, so if you lose it - that's your problem.



So, what do you think? Some serious toy, yeah? Great, hand it over then. Here, that's for the help. Keep in touch, I might need more help to test some other things.

Initial equipment

Icon Item name Amount Notes
TestDrive1 InitialEquipment.png Springfield Armory M1A 7.62x51 rifle 1 Modded after tasks requirements


It's possible to use a compact reflex sight mounted on a canted rail instead of the Trijicon REAP-IR thermal scope to obtain the kills. The scope just needs to be installed to count towards the quest.