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Tetriz portable game console
Tetriz ins.png
Tetriz icon.png
General data
Weight0.4 kg
Grid size1x2
EffectGeneric loot item
Loot experience20
Examine experience5

Tetriz portable game console (Tetriz) is an item in Escape from Tarkov.


An ancient artifact of a lost past. May be of interest to Mechanic, an avid collector of electronics.


  • Only 6 can be held in your PMC inventory at the same time



  • Can spawn in big red next to the mattress on the floor, in the back of the warehouse
  • Can spawn on the first floor of 2 story dorms, on the couch closest to the fence line.
  • Can spawn in the green screen room in the Repair Shop building underneath the desk with the two computers.
  • Can spawn in the room connected to the green screen room on a workbench.
  • Can spawn on the wooden table inside the unlocked room at new gas station.
  • Can spawn on the shelves in the new gas station.
  • Can spawn on the floor amidst the garbage in front of cashier's counter.
  • Can spawn in trunk of white car between new gas station and checkpoint
  • Can spawn on shelf of red shed in crossroads storage area


  • Can spawn in marked circle
  • Can spawn in two story wooden house in Scav Town


  • Can spawn inside the White House on the South West side of the town back room in the blue drawer.
  • Can spawn on second floor of weather station, beside the safe, beneath the computer bank.
  • Can spawn inside East wing 107, on the desk.
  • Can spawn inside East wing 222, on workbench.
  • Can spawn inside East wing 328, on the desk.
  • Can spawn inside West wing 216, on the box to the left.
  • Can spawn inside West wing 301, on floor next to white barrels.
  • Can spawn inside Admin 2nd floor East side room with open safe, on the shelf.
  • Can spawn inside of East wing 110 (Sanitar's Office)


  • Can spawn in Texho on the shelving area.
  • Can spawn in Rasmussen on the shelves and inside the desk
  • Can be located inside electronics stores in the ULTRA shopping mall.
  • Can spawn inside the power station on the shelf in the office next to the entrance.
  • Can spawn inside Idea offices on the side desks.
  • Can spawn on the Idea checkout.
  • Can spawn on the tools shelves behind the Goshan food store in the ULTRA shopping mall.
  • Can spawn inside EMERCOM medical unit


  • Can spawn on the server shelves on Reserve.
  • Very commonly found in the RB-AK room.
  • Can spawn in the Black Knight building, 3rd room on the left from main entrance on a desk.


  • Can spawn on the desk on the first floor of the office building with a green light inside.
  • Can spawn on the barrels under the Factory break room, near Gate 3.


Tetriz icon.png x2
Tetriz portable game console
GreenBat Icon.png x2
GreenBat lithium battery
Mechanic 2 icon.png
Mechanic LL2
Bitcoin icon.png

Physical bitcoin


  • Easter eggs and References: This item is modeled after "X in 1 Brick Game". Many variations exist such as the 188 in 1 talking brick game, and 132 in 1 talking brick game. It also came in different languages such as the Spanish talking brick game.