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The Bunker - Part 1
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Quest data
Given ByPrapor
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
BP Depot
Leads to:
The Bunker - Part 2
Requirement for:
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The Bunker - Part 1 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Greetings, warrior. So here's the deal, a birdy told me that those ex-army guys who secured Reserve base dug out some pass to the underground bunker. Of course, they didn't do it with their own hands, they forced the Scavs to do the job, and most likely none of the poor bastards made it back out. So anyway, I've got no idea what sort of bunker that is. I've had some information that it could be the command bunker. But I'm not sure if it's exactly that bunker or just a bomb shelter for the base personnel. For now, there's no use to send a big group there for them to just die to those raiders. Check those catacombs out and let me know if it's worth sending a group there. The pay is good. You in?


  • Must be level 10 to start this quest


  • Locate the underground bunker on Reserve
  • Locate the control room in the underground bunker on Reserve
  • Survive and extract from the location


So you say it's a command shelter? Rumors don't lie, huh... God damn! I'll send my men there today, let them check the place out. There could be so much valuable shit there! Anyway, here, take your reward. As promised.


The control room is located in the center of the Reserve underground bunker system. You can reach it by using any staircase of your choice. Both objectives have to be completed in the same raid.

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