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The Courier
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Kappa container
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The Courier is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hello, mercenary, can you help me out with something? I have a client, they need me to deliver a couple of items to two specific drop spots on Customs. Are you down? The client needs two REAP-IR scopes: the first one has to be stashed under the yellow crane on the construction site, it's near a big fortified building, and the second one has to be stashed behind the garbage containers at the gas station, the one on the main road. The only issue is that I don't have any of those scopes on me right now


  • Must be level 55 to start this quest.




Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in raid Notes
Thermalicon.png Trijicon REAP-IR thermal scope 2 Required N/A Cannot be put in secure containers

It is recommended to do this quest in multiple runs as the Trijicon REAP-IR thermal scope cannot be put in secure containers.
It is also recommended to use the scope to clear the area as Reshala can be encountered at both locations.
The player may place the scope while it is still attached to a weapon, the character will then remove the scope from the weapon as soon as the item has been placed. Bringing a backup scope is recommended in this scenario.

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