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The Lab
General data
TypeOther location
Duration40 minutes
EnemiesScav Raiders

The Lab is a location in Escape from Tarkov. It is the sixth location that was added to the game.


Underground laboratory complex TerraGroup Labs is a secret object right under the center of Tarkov. Officially, this research center does not exist and, based on data scraps, is engaged in R&D, testing and simulation projects in chemistry, physics, biology, and high-tech areas.



All items a player loses in this location will be lost. The insurance purchased from any traders will fail, and no items will be recovered. When a player dies, the trader will send a mail that they sent people to recover the items, but later the player receives mail stating that the location could not be found, his men don't go there, or worse, that their men never returned.


Whenever an event of high importance happens inside The Lab, an announcement will be triggered. There is an announcement for every extraction besides the Ventilation shaft and the Sewage conduit.

The announcement for the parking extraction can be disabled using the Yellow keycard.

Tagged and Cursed

Unlike other maps in Tarkov, PMCs are not tagged and cursed at the start of a raid on Labs when deploying with no gear or weapons.

Usable Keys

Table Legend

Icon Meaning
Safe Safe
Medcase/Medbag Medcase/Medbag SMU06
PC Block PC block
Grenade box Grenade box
Drawer Drawer
Cash Register Cash register
Wooden ammo box Wooden ammo box
Wooden crate Wooden crate
Weapon box (4x4) Weapon box (4x4)
Weapon box (5x2) Weapon box (5x2)
Weapon box (5x5) Weapon box (5x5)
Weapon box (6x3) Weapon box (6x3)
Jacket Jacket
Sport bag Sport bag
Toolbox Toolbox
Loose Valuables Loose Valuables (Golden neck chain, Physical bitcoin, Figurines, etc)
Loose Currency Loose Currency
Loose Loot Loose Loot (Meds, Weapon mods, Provisions, etc)
Standing Weapons Rack Standing Weapons Rack


Most of the extractions have the chance to make Scav Raiders spawn and roam towards their activation location. To locate the extractions use the maps below the table.

Name Extraction Requirement Always available Announcement Notes
Cargo Elevator LabsCargoElevatorExtract.png LabsCargoElevatorExtractTrigger.png
Restore power to the elevator
see notes
Sector G: Second floor, opposite of room G21. Restore power in the basement, room G1

Note: Only useable once per raid instance.

Hangar Gate LabsHangarGateExtract.png LabsHangarGateExtractTrigger.png
Open the gate
Sector B: Push the button in the cabin B24, second floor in the hangar.
Main Elevator LabsMainElevatorExtract.png LabsMainElevatorExtractTrigger.png
Restore power to the elevator
Sector R: In the basement, elevator in the corridor between Room R6 and R8. Restore power opposite of room R4.
Medical Block Elevator LabsElevatorOfTheMedicaBlockExtract.png LabsElevatorOfTheMedicaBlockExtractTrigger.png
Restore power to the elevator
Sector O: Elevator in the basement between rooms G3 and G4. Restore power in Room G6.
Parking Gate LabsParkingGateExtract.png LabsParkingGateExtractTrigger.png
Open the gate
Sector Y: Push the button in Room Y21 on the second floor, next to R22.
Sewage Conduit LabsSewageConduitExtract.png LabsSewageConduitExtractTrigger.png
Sink the water level
- Room B1 in the basement. The switch to sink the water is on the left, the extract on the right side of the room. The Water takes ~90 seconds to sink.
Ventilation Shaft LabsVentilationShaftExtract.png No backpack equipped - In the basement, corridor between rooms G2 and G8, next to G7.


Basement 2D Map with Callouts/Extracts

First floor 2D Map with Callouts/Doors/Extracts

Second floor 2D Map with Callouts/Doors/Extracts

All floors 2D Map with Doors/Extracts
The Lab Map (Horizontal) (EN).png

The Lab Map (EN).png

All floors 3D Map with Extracts
The Lab 3D map by SteelSmith TTV.png

All floors 2D Map with Doors/Extracts

Ingame Map


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