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The Stylish One
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Quest data
Given ByRagman
Required for
Kappa container
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The Key to Success
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The Stylish One is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Well now, here's the thing, we have this stylish asshole in Ultra mall, lurking around, cleaning the supplies, gunning everyone down right on spot. So I need you to get rid of him. Once and for good. Folks out there are hella scared of him and his fatigue got easily recognized around. I tell you what, you get rid of him and I will get you a nice, remarkable outfit so you could give it a proper use.


  • Eliminate Killa 100 times


Got it done? Nice job! Wait a minute, I need to mark the sizes and need to figure out the sewing technique for this one. But hey, you should know it by yourself, the materials ain't cheap these days!


Killa can spawn in the IDEA, OLI, GOSHAN stores as well as the center area around KIBA on the first and second floor. He can also be encountered in the parking area below IDEA and OLI.

  • It is recommended to avoid being spotted by Killa. He has multiple grenades and is generally accurate with his bursts. If you are close to him he will continuously push the player and relentlessly hunt them until he ambushes and assaults them. It is best to attack him with high-penetration ammunition such as 5.45 BS, 5.56 M995, or 7.62x51. Without proper ammunition to kill him, shredding his 6B13 M to low durability or firing solely at his legs are both appropriate, albeit more risky, strategies. Grenades generally won't work to kill him, as he is a highly mobile fighter and will rarely be pinned down long enough for a grenade to stop him. If fighting him with a teammate, attacking him from two different directions and peeking cover is a sound strategy, as he will continue to suppress one of his opponents while the other can safely return fire.

    It is extremely important to utilize cover and stay mobile when fighting him, and to always be mindful of one's ammo count—if he's armed with his RPK-16, he will likely outgun the player with his 95-round drum mag and supplementary AK-74 5.45x39 6L31 60-round magazine.