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The Survivalist Path - Unprotected but Dangerous
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The Survivalist Path - Unprotected but Dangerous is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hello there, come in, take a sit. The path of ours is not easy, not easy at all. Fighting scum is dangerous and requires extraordinary skills. For example, being fast, quiet, agile and deadly. Flanking the enemy, outplaying them on their own field. Your buddies chained in their body armor will never be able to master these skills. Therefore, before embarking on serious tasks, hone this skill.


  • Eliminate 5 Scavs on Woods without wearing any body armor


As one famous person used to say "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". A piece of good advice, you better remember it. So, do you feel how easy it is to move without all those plates on you? If you move fast, you don't even need body armor to deal with scum.


This quest takes place on Woods, but before you go there you first need to get your PMC ready. When killing the Scavs you can't be wearing any armor vests or armored chest rigs (helmets are allowed). If you want to protect yourself during this quest you can choose to still wear armor, you will only need to remove it before killing a Scav. To keep yourself safe while doing this quest you should try and remain as far away as possible from the Scavs. For the highest survivability you should equip a scoped weapon to get kills from afar.

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