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The survivalist path - Junkie
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Given ByJaeger
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The survivalist path - Cold blooded
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The survivalist path - Junkie is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Times are harsh these days, you know it well. You have to survive by all means, even if those means are not the safest for your health. For example, those stimulants, folks started seeing them more frequently in the region. In reality, it's a narcotic of some sort, I feel that TerraGroup is involved here for sure. But anyway, want it or not, but you will have to learn how to use them in combat, these drugs do not only kill, but sometimes help you survive.



So I see you've made it. How's your head? Dizzy? Feeling like you're going to throw up? That's the side effects of those drugs, you have to pay the price to stay alive, even pay with your health. But anyway, listen here, I have some tips on how to reduce those side effects, so next time you would feel a little better.


  • Be under the effect of any stimulant (both buffs and debuffs) while killing 15 Scavs on Woods.
  • Provisions that gives skill buffs, such as the Hot Rod or Milk can be used.
  • Having the Painkiller effect doesn't count.