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USEC Night Patrol
USEC Night Patrol Top.png

USEC Night Patrol is a upper-body clothing for USEC operators in Escape from Tarkov.


  • Ragman LL3
  • PMC level 52
  • 5,750,000 Roubles


  • Trivia

    Easter eggs and References: The jacket is modeled after the US Army Issue Desert Night Parka which is modified in a popular style. The gloves are modeled after the Magpul Patrol Glove 2.0.

    The Camouflage featured on this top is designated "Desert Night Camo" which is a two-color grid camouflage pattern used by the United States military during the Gulf War. It was designed to aid soldiers in concealment from Soviet-based night vision devices, but is still used in modern forms that counter conventional night-vision devices used today.