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This article lists features and items that are planned or mentioned by developers in Escape from Tarkov. Features on this page are subject to change by the developers and may or may not be included in the final game.

Planned items[]



see Upcoming Weapons

  • Caliber conversions for weapons

Weapon mods[]

see Upcoming Weapon mods

  • Aklys Defense AKSV Integral AK Suppressor
  • More and functional bipods[1]
  • Carbon handguard for Kalashnikov rifles by CustomGuns
  • Lone Star Armory mods
  • More Attachements from Hexagon Tactical
  • Different color variations for various magazines
  • Transparency effect on certain magazines
  • Roedale Muzzle Brake
  • Special SMG stocks for faceshield usage (FAB Defense MP5 ARS Stock)
  • Witt Machine Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brake
  • ASPAK 74.009.00 telescopic stock
  • More drum magazines for the Saiga 12
  • Custom parts by Kiba Arms for AS VAL and SVDK (AS VAL mod 3 and TKPD variants)
  • Ergo MLOK barricade stop
  • Tactical MP5 A Series Handguard with Steel 6V Flashlight
  • Ryker side mounting Fist Grip
  • IRBIS-GUN 45 Tactical Grip
  • Hexagon handguard for PP-19-01 Vityaz
  • Noveske K9 Barricade Stop
  • Trinity Force Tippmann Polymer Red Dot Reflex Sight
  • Muzzle brake Jet 5.45
  • "Fenix" flashlight
  • Stripper clips for SKS
  • 5.56x45 HK 30 STANAG polymer 30-round magazine (Gray Version)
  • Wilcox Stubby Para Grip
  • Speedloaders for Rhino revolvers
  • Magazine "Pufgun" for AKM 7.62x39, 30 rounds, olive
  • Gemtech integral upper
  • Bulletec AK Muzzle Brake АР-6014 5.45/.223 14х1LH (Mislabeled on the model as ST-6014)
  • Trijicon MRO Dot Sight
  • Shakhin Thermal Scope
  • NERO 556 Inconel Muzzle Brake
  • Vltor CASV-SCAR Handguard extender
  • Vltor VSS-11 SCAR Stock
  • SAG AK chassis MK2
  • PGO-9 optic
  • Trijicon TA02 ACOG Battery Illuminated LED Scope
  • Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50 scope
  • PU scope adapter for SKS
  • DPMS Pistol Grip Panther-Style AR-15
  • Tan version of Magpul MOE pistol grip for AK
  • Wood furniture for SA-58[2]
  • Hexagon silencer for Mosin Nagant
  • Beta C-Mag drum magazines for various weapons[3]


  • M716 (yellow smoke) 40x46mm grenades
  • 40mm rocket propelled grenades for RPG-7
  • 73mm rounds for SPG-9
  • 82mm mortars
  • 6.5mm Grendel ammo
  • 7.62x42mm SP-4 ammo
  • 9x19mm ITA (IMI)
  • 9.6x53mm Lancaster ammo
  • .40S&W (10x22mm)
  • 10x25mm ammo
  • 12.7x99mm NATO ammo
  • .50 Beowulf ammo


  • Binoculars[1]
  • SPHERE Wireless Exploration Device (a camball with four integrated cameras) + its operating console
  • Throwable chemlights
  • Direct Action Battle belt with Unknown belt pad/sleeve
  • Satphone based off the "Iridium Extreme" called Ebambium in-game
  • FLIR E8-XT handheld thermal infrared camera
  • Army bowler
  • Sony M-527V Microcassete Voice Recorder
  • 1PN138 Night Scope
  • C4
  • GPS
  • IMP minedetector
  • SAVI echo point - radio transmitter, radio beacon for cargo tracking
  • Ballistic shields
  • Portable Solar Generator


see Upcoming Armbands

Armor vests[]

see Upcoming Body Armor

  • HighCom Trooper TFO body armor (Black)
  • 6B23-1 body armor (Flora)
  • 6B10 armor vest
  • Paraclete ARMIS 2.0 Plate Carrier
  • Sioen Ballistics TACTICUM Series Full Body Vest System
  • Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier MK3
  • Ars Arma A18 GOLIATH-G

Chest rigs[]

see Upcoming Chest Rigs

  • MOLLE/modular rigs


see Upcoming backpacks

  • FRONT Scorpion Uninterruptible Belt feeding system for PKM/PKP
  • Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 11


  • Omicron Secure Container (3x3 + 1x3)[4]


  • Gray and multicam version SLAAP armor plate
  • Gas masks
  • Black version MSA ACH TC-2001 MICH Series Helmet


Game modes[]

  • Open World - Merging of all maps into one central map with 64 players[5][6]
  • Opportunity to play as a Scav boss
  • Offline Mode Development - Cinematic Mode
  • Challenge with a timer for the number of completed quests




  • "Heavy Killa" Loadout/Gear set for Killa boss, consisting of modified PKM and heavy armor. will initially be added to Arena, then will appear as a randomized loadout for base-game.[8]
  • "Partizan" bounty hunter boss that would hunt players with low PMC karma and plant booby traps on containers and corpses[7]
  • At least one or two Scav bosses on each map

Game mechanics[]

Base game content[]

  • Main storyline quests on game release
  • Tutorial (Tutorial hints were present before, option is present, but grayed out)
  • PMC Karma system, intended to first be silently implemented, and then properly implemented in full.
  • Connected maps/ map to map travel[7]
  • Subtitles for voiceovers (option was present but grayed out)
  • Dragging bodies and certain objects - originally mentioned in the 2016 Dev Report[9]
  • Free positioning of attachments and telescopic stocks[1]
  • NVGs and Thermal scopes/goggles will require batteries[1]
  • Prestige system and prestige points that you can gain by escaping from Tarkov.[7]
  • Ammunition quality
  • Execution
  • Sneaking into a room while aiming from an ajar door
  • Playing your own videos and music within The Hideout (Possibly with API)
  • Interactive environment - functional light switches, generators, power switches and more (previously present in alpha, temporarily removed.)
  • Gun textures visually wearing down as their condition worsens - Animation shown in the 2016 Dev Report
  • Ability to climb ladders - Animation shown in the 2016 Dev Report
  • Lockpicking with multitool - Animation shown in the 2016 Dev Report[10][7], skill is present, but grayed out
  • Multitool being needed to perform certain weapon modifications in specific conditions.
  • Breaching doors with grenades
  • Breaking down doors with axes or hatchets - originally mentioned in the 2016 Dev Report
  • Healing of another player
  • Doors that require numerical codes to open - originally mentioned in the 2016 Dev Report
  • Holding and using flashlights separately with your hands and alongside a sidearm without the need to mount them on a gun - Animation shown in the 2016 Dev Report
  • Expanded medical & health system (e.g Managing stress/sickness/blood pressure), options are present but unimplemented
  • At ease walking animation with gun held down - Animation shown in the 2016 Dev Report
  • Traveling to trader locations to buy/sell
  • Usage of consumables while having a full inventory
  • Functional SPG-9 Kopye and 2B14 Podnos Mortar, previously functioning within developer builds of the game, temporarily disabled, will return in the future.
  • Refilling gas cans in-raid.[11]
  • Realistic armor plates location and hitbox
  • Adjustable iron sights
  • Animation for magazine reloading with ammo
  • Camouflage/paint for weapons[12]
  • Opening locks with a shotgun
  • Easter egg on book about Tarkov
  • Durability of each part of the weapon
  • Lootable Tagilla Hammer after reaching a specific Strength Level
  • Coughing and choking with smoke
  • Ability to kick and knock down people
  • Being able to move the NSV Utyos and AGS-30 and manage their ammunition, previously functional in developer builds of the game, will return in the future.
  • Using bayonets on weapons
  • Wipe visor animation
  • Regular Russian army (RF Army)
  • Regular army NPC
  • NPCs guarding certain interest points and extracts
  • Debit card for easy money storage
  • Weather forecast
  • Barricades
  • Sounds of a collision of weapons and objects against the walls, from a collision with a character, etc.
  • The glasses will have a corresponding effect - sunny with dimming, yellow for fog, etc.
  • Mags spark
  • Clock watch animation
  • Combining low charge kits
  • Face customization, the face itself, facial hair and hairstyle[1]
  • List of skills upgraded after the raid
  • Noise during activation of the fuse in the grenade
  • Infils (Similar to scaving into a raid, but with PMC)
  • Aiming deadzone (option is present, but grayed out)
  • Manuals for item examination (present as an elite option for Intellect) – no longer planned?
  • Global chat (used to be present, but disabled)
  • Refined third person animations for weapon folding [13]
  • Match replay analysis screen, will appear in arena, planned to be integrated into main base game


  • Auctions (might not be implemented, Nikita stated the flea market is enough work as is, though skill is still present)
  • Metrics (graphics) in the flea market
  • Player to player trading
  • Searching for items in traders (option is present, but grayed out)
  • Watchlist (option is present, but grayed out)
  • Different view modes for flea market (option is present, but grayed out)


  • Scav focused DLC (i.e. quests for Scavs)
  • Sniper focused DLC (i.e. quests for sniper-only PMCs)
  • Expanded Storyline Quests
  • Skyscraper map taking place at the big skyscrapers in Tarkov city
  • More maps (Suburbs and Town moved to DLC, possibly more)
  • Clan system (clan leader, deputy and sales representative; clan quests and clan stash) (after 1.0)[7]

Character skills[]



  • Special skills are unique abilities that can only be unlocked by members of a specific faction.
  • They were visible before, but are currently removed.




  • Further improvements to vertical audio[14]
  • Vulkan support[1]
  • Graphical overhaul before release[6]
  • Further improvements to Anti-Cheat, first to be released in Arena, then in the main game.[7]
  • New match-making system, currently present in Arena, will later come to the main game.[7]
  • Steam support[15]
  • Steam release
  • Unity 2023, skipping Unity 2020 due to complications[7]
  • Mac version was planned in 2015[15][16] Mac logo is still visible in BattleStateGames website[17]
  • Linux version, confirmed planned both in a 2015 interview[18] and was confirmed to be planned in several of the streams[19][20][21]
  • Full BattlEye Proton support[22]


  • Supplemented and refined rankings in subsequent patches
  • API for statistics
  • Mobile companion app with ability to retrieve insurance
  • Servers without wipes and servers with wipes
  • More languages[23][24]
  • New purchasable edition of the game replacing Edge of Darkness [7]