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This article will list features and items that are planned or mentioned by developers in Escape from Tarkov. Features on this page are subject to change by the developers and may or may not be included in the final game.

Planned items[]


see Upcoming Weapons

Weapon mods[]

  • Aklys Defense AKSV Integral AK Suppressor
  • Bipods[1]
  • Range Finders[1]
  • More thermal scopes
  • Rail cover for AR weapons
  • Carbone hanguard for AK by CustomGuns
  • Target-one DBAL-PL Dual beam aiming
  • Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x24 scope
  • Many Lone Star Armory mods
  • Trijicon 4x32 ACOG LED Illuminated Scope
  • "Elite" parts of AK and M4
  • Special smg stocks for visor
  • More drums for Saiga
  • Custom parts by Kiba arms for AS VAL and SVDK (AS VAL mod 3 and TKPD variants)
  • Tactical MP5 A Series Handguard with Steel 6V Flashlight
  • Hexagon handguard for PP-19-01 Vityaz
  • RIS handguard for AKS74U
  • Muzzle brake Jet 5.45
  • "Fenix" flashlight
  • Magazine "Pufgun" for AKM 7.62x39, 30 rounds, olive
  • Custom upper rails for AUG A3
  • Gemtech integral upper
  • SAG AK chassis MK2
  • Knight's Armament Company KAC QDC Suppressor 6.5x35
  • Silencerco Sparrow 22 .22LR silencer
  • 725mm barrel for MP-43e-1s 12ga
  • 510mm barrel for MP-43e-1c 12ga
  • GK-01 compensator
  • PGO-9
  • Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50
  • Custom handguard for AK with rails
  • PU scope adapter for SKS
  • DPMS Pistol Grip Panther-Style AR-15
  • Tan version of Magpul MOE pistol grip for AK
  • Wood furniture for SA-58
  • Hexagon silencer for Mosin Nagant


  • M716 (yellow smoke) 40x46mm grenades
  • 40x53mm grenades
  • 40mm rocket propelled grenades for RPG-7
  • 73mm rounds for SPG-9
  • 82mm mortars
  • 6.5mm Grendel ammo
  • 7.62x42mm SP-4 ammo
  • 9.6x53mm Lancaster ammo
  • 10x25mm ammo
  • 12.7x99mm NATO ammo
  • .357 Magnum ammo
  • .50 Beowulf ammo


Armor vests[]

  • Black version Highcom Trooper TFO armor
  • Other version 6B23-1
  • Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier
  • Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier MK III
  • Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier SK
  • 6B10 armor vest

Chest rigs[]

  • MOLLE/modular rigs


  • Plate carrier Paraclete Armis GEN II


  • Scorpion backpack



  • Gray and multicam version SLAAP armor Plate
  • Gas masks
  • Black version MSA ACH TC-2001 MICH Series Helmet


Game modes[]

  • Arena Mode - 5 different arenas for 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5 combat
  • Open World - Merging of all maps into one central map with 64 players[5][6]
  • Opportunity to play as a Scav boss
  • PVE with group
  • Offline Mode Development - Cinematic Mode
  • Challenge with a timer for the number of completed quests




  • One or two Scav bosses on each map
  • Two scav bosses on Streets of Tarkov[7]
  • Sniper boss on Lighthouse[8]

Game mechanics[]

  • Overheating

Base game content[]

  • Main storyline quests[3]
  • Daily quests
  • Tutorial
  • Karma system
  • Clan system (clan leader, deputy and sales representative; clan quests and clan stash) (in DLC)[3]
  • Non-authentic voiceovers - English Speaking BEARs with Russian Accent[9]
  • Subtitles for voiceovers
  • Dragging bodies - originally mentioned in the 2016 Dev Report here
  • Free positioning of attachments and telescopic stocks[1]
  • NVGs and Thermal scopes/goggles will require batteries[1]
  • Advanced weapon jamming (0.13 patch)[3]
  • Ammunition quality
  • Execution
  • Sneaking into a room while aiming from an ajar door
  • Interactive environment - functional light switches, generators, power switches and more
  • Ability to climb ladders
  • Ability to vault over things
  • Lockpicking with multitool - Animation shown in the 2016 Dev Report here
  • Breaching doors with grenades
  • Healing of another player
  • Expanded medical & health system (e.g Managing stress/sickness/blood pressure)
  • Traveling to trader locations to buy/sell
  • Usage of consumables while having a full inventory
  • Realistic armor plates location and hitbox
  • Adjustable iron sights
  • Animation for magazine reloading with ammo
  • Camouflage/paint for weapons[10]
  • Opening locks with a shotgun
  • Easter egg on book about Tarkov
  • Durability of each part of the weapon
  • Сoughing and choking with smoke
  • Ability to kick and knock down
  • Using bayonets on weapons
  • Wipe visor animation
  • Regular army NPC
  • Debit card for easy money storage
  • Weather forecast
  • Quests for scavs
  • Barricades
  • Dynamic loot points
  • There will be sounds of a collision of weapons and objects against the walls, from a collision with a character, etc.
  • The glasses will have a corresponding effect - sunny with dimming, yellow for fog, etc.
  • Heating the barrel of the weapon, distorting aimed shooting
  • Mags spark
  • Clock watch animation
  • Combining low charge kits
  • List of skills upgraded after the raid
  • Noise during activation of the fuse in the grenade


  • Auctions (might not be implemented, Nikita stated the flea market is enough work as is)
  • Metrics (graphics) in the flea market
  • Player to player trading


  • Seasonal Weather (e.g Snow)
  • Scav focused DLC (i.e. quests for scavs)
  • Sniper focused DLC (i.e. quests for sniper-only PMCs)
  • Expanded Storyline Quests

Character skills[]




  • Special skills are unique abilities that can only be unlocked by members of a specific faction.




  • Further improvements to vertical audio[11] and implementation of Steam Audio for positional audio[6]
  • Vulkan support[1]
  • Graphical overhaul before release[6]
  • Nvidia DLSS support
  • Steam support
  • Work with ragdolls on unity 2018
  • Linux support, confirmed planned both in a 2015 interview [12]


  • Supplemented and refined rankings in subsequent patches
  • API for statistics
  • Mobile companion app with ability to retrieve insurance
  • More languages[13]