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Weapon repair kit
General data
TypeSpecial item
Weight7 kg
Grid size3x2

Weapon repair kit (Weapon repair kit) is an item in Escape from Tarkov.


A set of tools and devices necessary to maintain firearms in operational condition.



Toolsicon x1
Multitoolicon x1
Leatherman Multitool
FireKlean icon x1
FireKlean gun lube
WeaponPartsIcon x10
Weapon parts
Insulating tape Icon x5
Insulating tape
Files master icon x1
Set of files "Master"
Workbench level 3
14 hours
WeaponRepairKit3 x1
Weapon repair kit


Weapon repair kits share their spawn locations with Body armor repair kits.


  • On top of the green military crates, stacked next to the center staircase
    • On top of the boiler that is located near the "Gate 3" extraction
  • Customs[]

    • On a pallet near the tank at "RUAF Roadblock" extraction
    • On a table in the metal shack that is located next to the "Sniper Roadblock" Scav extraction
    • Inside the "Tigr" vehicle that is located near the bridge
    • On a shelf in the big red Paradigm warehouse
    • In a locker that is located on the first floor of the Scav base ("Fortress")
    • On a brick stack that is located on top of the eastern construction site
  • Reserve[]

    • On the roof of the "white pawn" building
    • In the "white knight" building
    • On a tool trolley close to the RB-PSP1 cage in the underground storage bunker
    • On a tool trolley near the RB-PSV2 key cage in the underground storage bunker
    • On a shelf near the RB-PSV2 cage in the underground storage bunker
    • On a pallet next to the Tunguska on the northeast bunker hills
  • Woods[]

    • On the shelves/lockers inside the warehouse at the lumber mill
    • On the bed in the brick house north of the lumber camp


    • In the trailer north of the sunken building
    • In the garage of the blue chalet, where the quads are located
    • Second floor of the garage at the blue chalet, in the room furthest away from the stairs, on top of the table
    • At the the water treatment plant, on a table right next to the red container that is located left of the southern main entrance
    • At the the water treatment plant, on a desk in the tent located west of the southern tower
    • At the black SUV on the main road, next to the dead Scav
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