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What’s on the Flash Drive?
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Quest data
Given BySkier
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
The Extortionist
Leads to:
Golden Swag
Shady Business
Other choices:

What’s on the Flash Drive? is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hey there, "operator", come here. I have a con here. What’s with that look? Don't like the lingo? Yea, I did time, so what? Why the bad eye? Two stretches, one in a juvie, second - two years in minimum security for disorderly conduct. Enough? We done with that? Finally, we can go without gracious word weaving! So look, there is this con. Can’t say it's failproof, but might be interesting. One drunken punk’s been blabbing that during the Contract Wars he used to guide several groups of VIPs who did not want to run into soldiers or cops. And I agree with the latter. It’s still possible to deal with war dogs, normal people are not uncommon among them, but cops are no damn good. Well, in the end, he walked through a several of such groups. Oh and fool as he his, he still had enough sense to steal everything he could during breathers. Now that deadbeat swears on his mom’s name that he snatched two flash drives on his latest run. What was on them - if anything at all - he’s got no clue. And he’s been permanently shit-faced for so long that he can’t remember anything at all - no location, no landmarks, nothing. Anyhow, he says there were some bigwigs with the security, so might be worth a while. Check all possible campsites. I know that these paths have been beaten through and through since, but what if, you know?


  • Must be level 8 to start this quest.



And you said nothing was there! Although they might be empty. Need to check. In any case, here's your cut.


Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in raid Notes
Secure Flash drive Icon.png Secure Flash drive 2 Handover item Yes Can be crafted in the Hideout (Intelligence center lv. 2).
  • The Flash Drive sometimes spawns inside of the tent near the logging camp on Woods and in dorm room 110 (locked) on the bed on Customs. It can also be found plugged into the front of PC blocks.
  • It's also a good idea to search for Flash Drives on Interchange, as it has many computers that may spawn USBs. The Oli, Idea and Goshan offices are good places to look, containing several PCs each.
  • They commonly spawn in the drawers of filing cabinets as well.
  • A good way to find Flash Drives is to go to Reserve to the RB-KPRL Room and the one next to it, as you can find 3 Safes there.
  • The quest The Huntsman Path - Evil Watchman rewards 2 flash drives as a quest reward, which is an option for players who are unable to find flash drives elsewhere.
  • The easiest way to get Secure Flash drives is to craft them on Intelligence Center level 2 (Requires Mechanic Level 2). They will have an attribute "found in raid", and so are suitable for quest completion.
  • You must have both flash drives before you can hand them in to Skier. They cannot be handed in one at a time, unlike many other quests.