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General data
TypeStory location
Duration40 minutes
Related maps
leads to:
PMC players10-14
EnemiesScavs, Shturman, Knight, Big Pipe, Birdeye, Cultists

Woods is a location in Escape from Tarkov. It is the third map that was added to the game.


The Priozersky Natural Reserve recently became part of the state-protected wildlife reserves of the North Western Federal District.


Be aware of Border Snipers and Minefields!

BTR patrol[]

BTR Woods

BTR appearance

A BTR-82A is traveling between different points on the location. It's neutral to all players, unless a player starts attacking it first, or someone has purchased the "covering fire" service recently. Traitor Scavs are considered hostiles.

It stays for 2 minutes at each stop while on patrol, and honks twice 10 seconds before departure.

The driver offers various services to his up to 4 passengers. Service cost depends on faction, Scav karma, Charisma level and travel distance.

Taxi service[]

Players can travel to any available point on the location in total safety.

Available stops: Emercom Base, Junction, Old Sawmill, Sawmill, Scav Bunker, Sunken Village, USEC Checkpoint.

  • Covering fire[]

    PMCs can order covering fire with the help of BTR weaponry, which provides the safest possible drop-off at a stop. Only available after purchasing the taxi service.

    If someone purchases this service, the BTR becomes hostile. When the service ends, the BTR becomes neutral to all players again.

    Item extraction[]

    PMCs can send items with the found in raid status to their stash when placing them in the BTR trunk. Items will arrive after 1 hour via the mail system.

    The size of the BTR trunk is influenced by your Scav karma.

    Scav karma Trunk size
    0-0.99 5x2
    1-1.99 6x2
    2-2.99 5x3
    3-3.99 6x3
    4-4.99 5x4
    5-5.99 6x4
    6+ 7x4

    Usable Keys[]

    Icon Key Name Used in Quest
    Shatun Icon Shatun's hideout key
    Shturman Key Icon Shturman's stash key
    Yotota-car-key-Icon Yotota car key
    ZB-014-key-Icon ZB-014 key


    Name Image Location Notable equipment Followers
    Shturman Shturman Portrait At the sawmill Shturman's stash key
    Red Rebel ice pick
    2 heavily armed and armored guards
    Knight KnightPortrait At the antenna in the northwest (Scav Bunker extraction). Death Knight mask
    Crye Precision CPC plate carrier (Goons Edition)
    Big Pipe, Birdeye
    Big Pipe BigPipePortrait At the antenna in the northwest (Scav Bunker extraction). Milkor M32A1 MSGL 40mm grenade launcher
    Big Pipe's smoking pipe
    Big Pipe's bandana
    S&S Precision PlateFrame plate carrier (Goons Edition)
    Knight, Birdeye
    Birdeye BirdeyePortrait At the antenna in the northwest (Scav Bunker extraction). Mystery Ranch NICE COMM 3 BVS frame system (Coyote)
    LBT-1961A Load Bearing Chest Rig (Goons Edition)
    Knight, Big Pipe
    Cultist priest CultistCloseup Near their ritual places, which are located western of the sawmill as well as at the dilapidated village in the north. Cultist knife 4 Cultist Warriors


    To locate the extractions use the maps below the table.


    Interactive Map[]

    Can be found on a separate page here.

    Interactive Map Link Woods

    3D Map[]


    2D Map[]

    Glory4lyfeWoods map v4 marked

    Ingame Map[]

    Woods Map


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